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Blue Umbrella Providers


What is Blue Umbrella Medical Center?

Blue Umbrella Medical Center is a Regenerative Medicine practice that uses an Integrated Team of providers to offer the most effective and innovative solutions for many chronic health conditions.

Modern Medicine is constantly researching and discovering new and better ways to treat so many of the conditions that impact our community. The Blue Umbrella Medical Center was created to bring these leading-edge innovations to Middle Tennessee. The Blue Umbrella Team prides themselves on their ever-expanding list of highly effective protocols and state-of-the-art technologies that allow them to get real results for their patients.
Every health specialty has its proficiencies and its limitations. By having providers work together in an integrated setting, the Blue Umbrella Team can maximize the best of each and offset the constraints. Furthermore, there are benefits to a balance between allopathic (medical) and holistic philosophies. By combining the best of modern medicine and holistic healthcare, patients can get exceptional results without more medications and surgeries. The success of this model lies in having exceptional clinical directors from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, philosophies, and education all working together to provide for the diverse needs of the population. Having medical doctors working with chiropractors working with dieticians working with therapists all in unison under one roof is unique, but the patients and providers at Blue Umbrella Medical Center would have it no other way!

The Blue Umbrella team not only wants to help their patients get healthy, they want to see restored vitality! This is a team of Providers with Purpose! Improved Quality of Life is the real goal for every treatment plan at Blue Umbrella. The greatest joy is working with patients to restore their function so they can live out their purpose.

The Blue Umbrella philosophy on treatment options is simple, search for the most effective and least invasive protocols and only consider the lower outcome higher risk procedures as a last resort.
While Blue Umbrella offers an ever-increasing number of treatment options, there is a unique criteria each new service must meet. First, the protocol must be designed to reverse the condition, not simply manage or cover up the symptoms. Second, the treatment must be safe and virtually side effect free. Third, the service must be highly effective on a very consistent basis. While no one thing works all the time for everybody, Blue Umbrella only adopts innovations that safely and effectively reverse disease.
As innovations are made, the Blue Umbrella solutions evolve. If a treatment is developed that is safer, more effective, or costs less for the patient, then the team pivots to the higher outcome protocol.

We encourage those who are committed to improving their health to stay engaged with Blue Umbrella’s social medias and text opt-ins to be alerted when new solutions are adopted and better opportunities for vitality are available!





  • I appreciate the kindness and attention of everyone at Blue Umbrella. While all the treatments have been helpful, I especially enjoyed PT. I continue to practice the exercises and they’ve really helped with my back pain. Thank you Jen and Jordan and everyone who has helped me.

    Posted On December 8, 2022
  • I had a great experience with this place. Dr. Jen and Dr. Voigt we're amazing with helping me get back up to 100% after my car crash in April. Very informative and friendly environment.

    Posted On June 30, 2022
  • Really understand how to treat your pain highly recommend the staff and doctors are great 👍

    Posted On March 10, 2022
  • Always prepared, on time and pleasant.

    Posted On December 14, 2021
  • Best care that has made the most difference in many years of seeking relief

    Posted On November 22, 2021
  • Love love love the staff and the health care received! Many pounds lost and very little joint pain these days! Thanks Scott and Dr Jae for all you do!

    Posted On September 27, 2021
  • Everyone was very helpful and super nice to us in starting the process with us.

    Posted On April 21, 2021
  • The staff is top notch and very friendly and really try to help clients reach their goals for a healthy life transformation.

    Posted On April 21, 2021