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Holistic Treatment for Anxiety

Mental Health & Wellness

Blue Umbrella Medical's Integrated Anxiety Program has tested and rejected numerous treatment options to treat chronic anxiety and depression.

The Integrated Approach to Chronic Anxiety and Depression

Exploratory Blood Panels & Hair Analysis

  • Comprehensive Testing to address underlying issues.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Non-pharmaceutical options for chronic anxiety and depression.

Massage Therapy

  • Specific massage therapy techniques designed to relax the body and mind, enhance the quality of life and improve overall mental health.


  • Addressing the Parasympathetic Nervous System can help calm "fight or flight" nerve signals contributing to anxiety symptoms

IV Therapy

  • Large doses of key nutrients refuels stressed bodies and give support towards optimal mental health

Yoga Therapy

  • A unique twist on traditional yoga designed to quiet the mind, strengthen the body, and give individuals an opportunity to regularly find some peace and get exercise at the same time