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Regenerative Sports Medicine at Blue Umbrella Medical Center

At Blue Umbrella Medical Center, we are striving to protect young athletes, restore older athletes, give high-level players a competitive edge, and keep everyone playing their best game! By combining new technologies and innovations in Regenerative Medicine with time-tested biomechanics, we can offer unprecedented results to athletes of any age!

Staying in the game matters! Regenerative Sports Medicine offers incredible results without the long recovery times or side effects and stigma of surgery; furthermore, because Regenerative Sports Medicine therapies are all-natural, the damaged tissues can be repaired without scar tissue or fear of any reactions or risk of addiction!

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Our Regenerative Sports Medicine is used to treat acute sports injuries and pain resulting from chronic overuse, preventing serious damage.

Here at Blue Umbrella Medical Center, we also offer Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and IV Therapy for those looking for additional adjunct treatment options!


Our innovative Regenerative Sports Medicine program is keeping athletes in the game and getting older athletes BACK in the game by:

  • Utilizing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections to break up scar tissue and build new healthy tissue
    • PRP has been used successfully on professional athletes for many years and, with advancements in technology, is now an affordable option.
  • Addressing secondary conditions that can be causing current injuries to never fully heal
    • Functional Movement Evaluations are used to determine if the pain is the result of a direct injury or is a secondary compensation (ex. a basketball player who has knee pain that is due to weak, immobile ankles). One of the major reasons why a player may not be healing from conventional treatments is that the root cause has not been addressed.
  • Utilizing physical therapy to ensure proper future use of the affected area, preventing future damage due to misuse
    • Neuromuscular Re-Education uses specific exercises to address any compensations, imbalances, or weaknesses. While it is easy to just address the pain, our goal is for the root cause to be completely healed and never come back! Underlying issues are often far from obvious, but when found and treated, healing as well as athletic performance reaches new levels!
  • Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to increase the efficacy and efficiency of protocols, resulting in the best outcomes and maximizing healing potential
    • Our fluoroscopy unit increases the accuracy of injections and ensures that the PRP is going into the affected area and is not being wasted!


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