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Read Some of Our Patients' 5 Star Reviews!



Scott w. says:

"I [have] been a patient at  Blue Umbrella for several years. I was diagnosed with Covid in October 2021 and I spent 119 days in 4 hospitals. Once I was finished with at home therapy, I started chiropractor care and physical therapy at Blue Umbrella. My first appointment I was in a wheelchair and on 3-4 liters of oxygen. My last physical therapy appointment I walked in and I was off portable oxygen. I am continuing to have chiropractic care and I am working with Ali to work on my nutrition. I’m also having Sanexas treatment for neuropathy in my hand. Thank you to Dr J, Dr Voit, Dr Jen and Jordan for helping with my recovery."



Lisa B. Says:

"Hello, my name is Lisa Burke and I'm a local Realtor and long time pain sufferer. Blue Umbrella has changed my life. I've been in excruciating pain for over 25 years after an auto accident. I've been to numerous doctors with a different diagnosis each time and a different treatment each time, one being a very painful procedure that gave me temporary relief for a couple weeks. I had truly lost hope of ever enjoying life again and even doing my job became difficult. My husband convinced me to try this new place in Murfreesboro that he had experienced success with a hand injury. My first consultation with Dr. Jae was a great discussion of my medical history and having bloodwork done. On my next appointment I learned so many things about my medical conditions, especially the damage from the accident. Dr Jae and her amazing team had a plan of action for me. I've since been doing physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition and a treatment called Sanexus--all of these have seriously changed my life for the best. I went from every day being in horrific pain to walking into this office each week excited to be there ..and for the first time in over 25 years-no pain in my back. The education I've received on how to better my health with Allie the Dietician who shows me what my body needs (also planned out from findings in bloodwork), physical therapy with Jordan and Jen-theyve taught me so much about working on areas that affect my back. Cannot praise them enough. Dr Voight the chiropractor that doesnt do the traditional means of chiropractic medicine but a much less painful approach, and the ladies, Lindsey and Ashley that do my vitamin injections and Sanexus-make the process so easy. With all of these treatments I'm finally living life. Here is a big example: we are big concert and sporting events (Go Preds) goers. I had quit going as much because the pain was just way too much. During the Garth Brooks concert in Nissan Stadium in March (I had just started treatments) I cried through most of it because the pain was unbearable and walking to and from the Stadium was a nightmare. Skip forward to the Kenny Chesney concert in May 28 I walked into Nissan Stadium, stood in line for merchandise for over an hour , walked down to our floor seats and stood.for most of the 7 hrs of the entire concert plus easily walked back to our car. This was truly a miracle for me and doing all this with no medicine just a whole body holistic medical approach from the amazing medical staff (and office staff, Kristy and Shannon) that I personally deal with. Again, life changing!!!!"








Erica P. says:

"I worked closely with 3 providers, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy & Sanexas. I can positively, without any doubt, attest that these 3 areas, at [Blue Umbrella Medical Center] provided the best and most professional services. From the time I entered the office to the time I left, several times a week, I felt like I was part of their “family” and included in the services provided. Every office staff, service provider & behind the scenes employee was always welcoming, involved and always inclusive. Thank you all for your service and knowledge.."









William T. Says:

"In November I had a bad fall and hit my head on the side of the tub. It caused a whiplash and terrible pain in my right shoulder and arm. I couldn’t even lift my arm high enough to comb my hair. I started therapy at [Blue Umbrella Medical Center] the 2nd week of January. My treatment is Sanexas and Chiropractic adjustment twice a week. I also qualified for the regen therapy for my arthritic hips. The pain in my hips has improved dramatically after only one injection. I am now 1/2 way through the treatments on my neck and shoulders and the pain has reduced greatly and I can now comb my hair & touch the top of my head with my right arm. I am extremely pleased with the treatments that I’ve gotten. It has all been covered by Medicare & my supplemental insurance."


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